Burundi is going through long crisis after the recent troubles and is in need of humanitarian assistance in numerous areas. baskets asics Before these recent troubles, femme nike air max Burundi was already facing security crisis that conduct to poverty, asics malnutrition and food insecurity that continue to worsen. oakley fuel cell While some inhabitant are living in the refugees camp and some of them are easily identified and can receive help, nike air max soldes there is a huge number of needy who are still living in their home in extreme poverty and, most of them are woman and children. Some of them are suffering for sickness, soldes ray ban sexual abuse or trauma in addition to food shortage and do not have any help. air jordan 1 The organization is only providing lunch to street children and distributes some clothes in Burundi. With your donation and support, air jordan 15 we will provide food and clothing to more children in Burundi and also, elaborate programs that can speed up a long term food production and supply to this community.

World Light Family has actually a project that is in process now of producing a periodic magazine in Swedish language that comfort people with the good news of Jesus-Christ, providing information about the actual prophetic time, information about local churches activities and encouraging marriage.

We also talk about Jesus in the street and help people to reach the adequate church in the area. We welcome christians feeling the desire to be part of this program and who want to join us in this program.

Contact us for any information you need.

Violence at the household level seems unseen in this community when it is also one of the causes of poverty. In partnership with the Anglican Church- Kivu diocese, we advocate, train and campaign against home violence. In a marriage or intimate relationship, there is a huge case of one person who dominates and controls other person.

This result by: dominance; humiliation; isolation; threats; intimidation and blame, etc. And lead at the end to divorce. In this part of the world where there is not adequate policy to protect children, many children suffer from their parent separation and lose their rights, some of them drop out schools, others are brought in sells sex, heavy work and malnutrition, or become street children.

In Rwanda, we assist people to form saving groups that are basically an improved form of traditional accumulating savings and credit associations. Christians provide members secure place to save; the opportunity to borrow in small amounts and flexible terms. Saving groups are composed of 20 self-selected individuals who meet regularly and frequently to save. Amounts are based on each member’s ability. Groups then pool the saving to make loans on which their charge a relatively high service fee or interest rate which in return increases the loan fund member’s savings and loan are recorded in individual passbook.

Most of these group members, especially women and girls did not complete the primary school, other dropped out school at secondary level and many did not be competitive enough at the market in spite of saving group. Presently we started assistance in training in vocational practices that should enable them to improve their life conditions.

Handcrafting is an activity that currently generates income to farmers in Rwanda and can improve people’s life.  We provide also training in businesses practices and skills to youth for rising up business idea.  By joining us with your support, together we will change the life of many in this particular rural region of Rwanda affected by poverty. You are called to be part of us by bringing your contribution for the achievement of this training program in vocational practices, handcrafting and rising up business idea. Let’s shine in the world.

To ensure the sustainability of our activities in the community, we work within a strong partnership with the local organization structure that has earlier established initiatives to assist the needy community.

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We support the assisted community to participate in the sustainable development. Our main partners are the well-established and structured church identified within the area where we work, driving the intention of community assistance.

In Rwanda, we work in partnership with the Anglican Church-Kivu diocese which is located in Western province of Rwanda and bordered and experiencing the influence of the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a region in war and insecurity since more than twenty years.  Kivu Diocese is one of eleven dioceses that constitute the Province of Anglican Church of Rwanda. It comprises 39 parishes with 38000 Church members and these parishes are located in six Districts that are the following: Rubavu; Rutsiro; Nyabihu; Ngororero; Karongi and Nyamasheke

You can call or send a message to this telephone number: +46 78 930 7879

Email: info@worldlightfamily.org
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