Our History
World Light Family started in 2011 under the initiative that was to contribute to the improvement of the lives of the underprivileged in the area. At this time the founder was an evangelist and preacher of the gospel in Rwanda. He started to share the vision of this organization to those who were able to understand it by explaining what the Word of God says to believers about inheriting the heaven: We believers, we will not inherit the heaven because of our big number of teachings or big anointing for healing or miracle; but we will come into heaven because of a character we built in us evolving from the Word of God that end up by producing fruit. It is only with this fruit from the seed which is the Word of God that we can operate with God’s love and, this love push us to come in help to those in need. We can read this in Matthew 25:31-36 and Matthew 7: 21-23.

With the support of some friends, World Light Family started in small scale by helping young children from poor families in Rwanda to attend school, paying for them school fees and school materials. The organization is growing progressively with the number of people who understand the vision, the reason to partner with us and join us by participating as a donor, volunteer, advisor or as an operator to the field. 
The organization’s founder is the responsible pastor of one of Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches in Gothenburg called World Revival Center. This church is located in many countries in Europe. 
World Light Family is operational today in Rwanda and Sweden and is planning other projects in D.R. Congo and Burundi. In partnership with churches having a good structure in the poor community, we support, train, equip and monitor them to meet the socio and economic needs of their communities by showing God’s love to recipients.
The main office is located in Sweden where World Light Family gets together all activities; manages resources to support other offices and partners and plan future activities in different countries as well as in Sweden. The new Board of Directors was held in January 2016 and established for a period of five year renewable. The organization address is located in the center of the city of Gothenburg, Ekelundsgatan3, 2358, P.O. Box 40315 Gothenburg-Sweden.
You can call or send a message to this telephone number: +46 78 930 7879

Email: info@worldlightfamily.org
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