Social transformation
Our mission as a christian non-profit organization, is to open and give opportunities to Christians from any country in the world to become really the light of the world. A christian is a light of the of the world, said Jesus in Matthew 5:14-16. This is the major raison we partner first with churches, work closely with Ministers of God at the local and international level. We partner also with individuals-christian or other christian-organizations where the promotion of gospel based on the Word of God written in the bible is accepted and adopted as fundamental truths and doctrine.
We believe that every believer has been empowered by God to change the world. We also think that this "ministries" can be fund as we can know that God is good and that He built us to enjoy our lives, serve Him and build His Kingdom.
We believe that you will partner with us in the promotion of the spread of knowledge of the Word of God in the world, and in supporting the most vulnerable people for economic, social and spiritual transformation. 
We need your trust and partnership in supporting this mission in prayers, with ideas, with funds, gifts or periodic contributions to empower the achievement of this mission. 
You can contact us immediately for more information to the telephone number: 
+46 (0)76 930 7879 or 
Send an e-mail to:

The organization works with churches to the announcement of the gospel. We do not organize a spiritual activity without a local church in charge of that. 
We only support churches as christians or church members but we encourage our members to be part of a local church. 
You can call or send a message to this telephone number: +46 78 930 7879

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