We accept the Bible as the revealed Word of God, the All-Sufficient rule of faith and practice and adopt this statement as fundamental truth and doctrine for the organization. Like the promotion of faith based on the Word of God written in the bible is one of the a major tool for building peace, hope, and love, World Light Family boosts the spread of the knowledge of the scriptures.

We envision more projects in development assistance: Food security, water and sanitation, environment, health and nutrition, education, micro-enterprise, good governance and also an intervention in a humanitarian emergency according to funds available as well as we find generous donors and have qualified staff to provide a work plan to which we can all be held accountable.

We operate in Sweden, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. With the global partnership, the organization joins together all activities from Sweden. The organization allocates managerial accountability and assesses progress as transparent planned goals, clear objectives and measures the progress as well as the result. These are the way to express how our work makes difference by providing the greatest impact on the individual, social and economic transformation. Each objective has a series of performance measures under them so that we can clearly measure how we are doing and, each performance indicator mentions the person responsible.

We also empower local churches to work for peace by lightning in the area and the world with the gift or skills they received from God that can impact the individual transformation. We maintain this identity as Christians while being sensitive to the diverse contexts in the community in expressing that identity.
You can call or send a message to this telephone number: +46 78 930 7879

Email: info@worldlightfamily.org
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